Woman charged in shooting death of her husband, a London lawyer, is acquitted

A judge on Friday ordered the acquittal of a woman charged with murder in the shooting death of her husband, a lawyer in London, according to one of her attorneys.

Judge Robert McGinnis said there was insufficient evidence for a reasonable juror to conclude Lisa Gilliam killed her husband, said her attorney, Scott T. Foster of Somerset.

McGinnis issued a directed verdict of acquittal, which is rare in a murder case, said Foster, who represented Gilliam with attorney Robert Norfleet.

A jury could not reach a decision in the case a month ago, though most jurors reportedly wanted to acquit Gilliam.

Gilliam, of Pulaski County, was charged with killing Larry Gilliam, 59, at his law office in downtown London in January 2011.

Larry Gilliam died of a gunshot wound to the chest.

Lisa Gilliam's defense was that her husband killed himself.

Testimony at her trial indicated Larry Gilliam had taken money he was supposed to hold for clients, Foster said.