Escapees from Marion County Adjustment Center are caught

Two inmates who walked away from the Marion County Adjustment Center Friday have been caught.

Ronny Ray Stutes, 49, and Kenneth Gibson, 55, were both caught within days of their flight from the minimum-security facility, state police said in a news release.

Gibson was arrested Saturday by Marion County Deputy Sheriff Courtney Deering, the release said. It did not say where Gibson was or how he was located.

Stutes was arrested in the Louisville area on separate charges. The release did not give details of his arrest, but media reports from Lexington and Louisville television stations said Stutes was accused of taking a car for a test drive and stealing it.

Stutes allegedly did the same thing in June 2011, when he walked away from a halfway house in Newport. He was found by a U.S. Marshal's task force in Louisiana the following month.

Friday's escape was at least Stute's third flight from law enforcement.