Standoff in Boyle County ends; two brothers arrested

A standoff ended with no injuries Wednesday afternoon at a rural Boyle County home, Kentucky State Police said.

The standoff ended shortly after 3 p.m. when state police fired gas canisters into the house, where one of the occupants had brandished a firearm, said Trooper Paul Blanton, public affairs officer for the Richmond post. The canisters were fired from a kind of armored personnel carrier that approached the house as officers attempted to make contact with the men inside, Blanton said.

Shirley Coffman, 47, was charged with first-degree wanton endangerment.

James Wesley Coffman, 59, was charged with terroristic threatening.

One of the men was shocked with a Taser, Blanton said. No shots were fired from the house, he said.

State police had maintained a watch outside the house from early Wednesday afternoon after a gun was displayed when some social workers came to check on the occupants.

Two brothers were thought to be inside the house.

Blanton said that sometime Wednesday morning, social workers from Adult Protective Services went to the house to check on the two people living there.

"I know that some of the questions they asked were whether they had heat in the house and whether they had food," Blanton said. "We might have some severe weather coming in, and they were here to make sure those guys were OK."

At some point during the conversation, someone displayed a gun, Blanton said. He said it wasn't clear whether the gun was aimed at anyone.

The social workers then left and alerted the Boyle County Sheriff's department, which sent officers to the house.

"The sheriff's department got here and were speaking with one of the people," Blanton said. "They still had the firearm, they wouldn't put it down, and the sheriff's department then called for the state police."

Blanton said troopers had not had any contact with those inside the house since arriving shortly after noon.

"The only reason social services came down here was to make that these two guys are OK," Blanton said earlier in the day. "The only reason the state police are here right now is make sure the two guys inside the house are OK."

The house is on Ky. 37, about seven miles south of Junction City.

Blanton said police shut down the highway as a precaution because it passes only about 100 feet from the house.