Two men posing as police officers rob man in Lexington

Two men posing as police officers robbed a man of a large amount of cash Tuesday night, Lexington police said.

The robbery was reported shortly before 9 p.m. Tuesday in Imperial Mobile Home Park, 115 West Loudon Avenue, police spokeswoman Sherelle Roberts said.

The two men, dressed in dark suits, identified themselves to the victim as police officers, Roberts said. The victim told police that the men "had what appeared to be police badges and handguns on their belts," Roberts said.

The two men detained the victim, attempted to handcuff him, searched him, took a large amount of cash and fled, Roberts said. She would not say how much cash was taken.

Both robbers were white men. One was 5 feet 10 inches tall with a medium build, and the other was about 6 foot 1 with a medium build. One man had dark hair and the other had blonde hair, Roberts said.