Additional body parts found in Lexington lake

Fayette County Coroner Gary Ginn
Fayette County Coroner Gary Ginn Herald-Leader file photo

Additional remains were recovered Sunday from a lake where part of a body was found floating a short distance from shore at Lake Ellerslie Fishing Club, across from Jacobson Park.

The body was found Saturday afternoon by the caretaker of the private fishing club.

After examining the initial remains, Fayette County Coroner Gary Ginn returned to the lake Sunday morning with the special operations team of the Lexington Fire Department. The additional remains were recovered in shallow water.

A backpack with identification was found on the body. "At this point we believe this to be as 45-year-old white male," said Ginn, who hopes to obtain dental records for a positive ID.

Ginn said he thought the body had been in the water since summer.

The remains were sent to Frankfort for examination by the state medical examiner's office and by Dr. Emily Craig, forensic anthropologist.

"What I want Dr. Craig to look for is any kind of trauma on the entire bony structure," Ginn said. "If trauma is present, that could mean he died at the hands of another person."

The exact cause of death might never be determined, Ginn said. "He could have drowned, but there is no tissue there to see if the lungs were full of water. He could have overdosed on drugs, then fell in the water. There are lots of different things that could have happened," he said.

The medical examiner's report could take several months to complete.

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