Warrant sheds new light on arrest of man charged in girlfriend's death

Jeffrey Jackson, suspected of  murdering Quantina Reed of Lexington, Ky.  Photo provided by the Mongtomery County, Ohio, Sheriff's Department.
Jeffrey Jackson, suspected of murdering Quantina Reed of Lexington, Ky. Photo provided by the Mongtomery County, Ohio, Sheriff's Department.

New information about the events leading to the arrest of Jeffrey Jackson on a murder charge in connection with the March 27 death of Quantina Reed has come to light in an arrest warrant filed in Fayette District Court.

Jackson, 34, pleaded not guilty Wednesday in district court; a preliminary hearing in his case is scheduled for April 19. He was arrested in Ohio and did not fight extradition to Kentucky to face the murder charge.

Jackson is accused of shooting Reed, 34, to death at her house on Scottsdale Circle. Reed was found shot in the head in the garage of her home in the early morning of March 27. The day before she was shot, Jackson asked her father for his blessing to marry Reed, her family said.

Dispatchers with the Lexington fire department were given a cellphone number as the contact number for Reed. They called the number in an attempt to gain any potential information, and the man who answered identified himself as "J," Reed's boyfriend. He said he was in Orlando, Fla., and couldn't provide any useful information, the warrant said.

Lexington police found Reed's son and daughter asleep in the house where the shooting occurred, the warrant said.

Both children told police that their mother and Jackson had argued the night before. The girl told police that Jackson had wanted to use Reed's car, and the boy told police that he heard his mother and Jackson arguing in the garage, according to an arrest warrant.

The boy said that, from an upstairs window, he saw Jackson leave the house in his mother's car. Later he heard his mother and Jackson begin to argue again. The boy went downstairs and saw Reed and Jackson yelling at each other.

"His mother then informed him that everything was fine and to go back upstairs," the warrant said.

The boy went back to his room and heard the two adults arguing for about 20 more minutes. He fell asleep but was woken by a noise. He thought the noise was glass breaking or "something getting knocked over," the warrant said.

He went back to sleep and was awakened by police checking for other occupants in the house.

Police were later told to contact Latoya Johnson, the sister of Jeffrey Jackson. Johnson told police that she had received a call from her brother at 3:11 a.m., an hour before police were notified about Reed's assault. The call came from the same cellphone number that had been called earlier. Johnson said her brother "seemed very distraught and informed her that 'Quani was dead.'"

Jackson also told his sister that he was in Reed's car. He requested the address of another sister in Texarkana, Texas, but Johnson told him she didn't have the address.

Police were able to contact the cellphone provider for the number that Jackson had used to call his sister and request global positioning system coordinates for that phone. The information led police to Dayton, Ohio, where Jackson was found and arrested.

Jackson was held in a jail in Montgomery County, Ohio, before being booked into the Fayette County jail on Tuesday.

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