Laurel County Sheriff: Would-be burglar left a note of apology

An accused Laurel County burglar left his victim a note apologizing for the theft, according to a release from Sheriff John Root.

When the intended victim came home from work about 8 p.m. Thursday, she found her pickup truck idling in the driveway. Concerned that someone might be inside her house, which is 7 miles north of London, she called police.

When deputies arrived, they found Curtis B. Brewer, 34, of London hiding in the bathroom with a loaded pistol.

Brewer is accused of taking the keys to the homeowner's pickup truck, starting it and putting items stolen from the house in the truck, according to the news release.

Brewer was in the process of hooking a utility trailer to the truck before police arrived, Root said.

Police say they found a note in the house from Brewer to the victim, telling her he was taking her truck and all-terrain vehicle and "that he was sorry for any trouble," Root said in the release.

Police charged Brewer with first-degree burglary; theft of a vehicle; and theft.