Two Lexington firefighters sustain injuries on the job

Injuries to two Lexington firefighters while on duty Wednesday serve as reminders of the hazards of the job, Lexington's fire chief said.

Firefighter Nastassia Alcius, who used to play women's basketball at the University of Kentucky, was overcome by heat while caring for a citizen at a house fire on White Wood Flat.

"She actually went unconscious," Battalion Chief Joe Best said. Alcius was taken to the hospital and released Wednesday, and is now back on duty.

Firefighter Embry Beatty cut his hand while trying to get into a home on Wednesday. Best said Beatty injured himself during a welfare check, when firefighters go to a home to make sure the resident is all right. Beatty cut himself while opening a window to enter the house. He got eight stitches, and Best said he will be on "light duty" for awhile.

"We have extensive safety training, but injuries are an unfortunate part of our work," Fire Chief Keith Jackson said. "Weather extremes, like this week's heat, really take their toll — all citizens should take extra care in this weather. And no matter how careful we are, firefighters occasionally have unpredictable injuries like Firefighter Beatty's."