Former Ashland policeman sentenced to 75 months in robbery attempt

A former Ashland police officer who admitted trying to rob a suspected drug dealer was sentenced Monday to 75 months in prison, according to a news release from U.S. Attorney Kerry B. Harvey.

Melvin C. Schoch Jr., 30, pleaded guilty in May. He admitted that in May or June 2009, while he was a police officer, he and two other people barged into the home of a person in Boyd County they thought would have pain pills or money they could steal, according to the release.

Schoch was on duty at the time and had his .40-caliber pistol. He gave police gear to the other two people with him, according to the release.

Schoch and a co-defendant went into the house under the guise of serving a search warrant, while the third man, Ellis Pittman, stood lookout, according to the release and court documents.

Schoch did not find drugs in the house.

Pittman also pleaded guilty but has not been sentenced. Court records do not identify the third person involved in the crime.