Officials seek to test new Lexington police radio system on private property

A new public safety radio system is being installed in Lexington for use by police, fire and other government entities, authorities said.

Officials are asking farm and property owners to allow Lexington firefighters and police officers access to private property to test the radios, Lexington police officials said in a news release.

"When it's up and running, we'll all be able to communicate more quickly and efficiently in all parts of the county," the news release said. "However, in order to make sure this radio system works as designed, we need to conduct operational tests in all parts of the county."

Staffers might need to walk into a field or yard to conduct a voice test over the new radio, the news release said. Staffers will not need to enter buildings. Each test takes only a few minutes. During the test, a firefighter or police officer will use radios to make contact with the dispatch center. They will make sure they are able to hear each other clearly. The testing should end by Aug. 28.

Owners of large properties, such as industrial sites and horse farms, can notify their security staff and employees that these tests are occurring.

Those doing the testing will be driving official government vehicles, will have government identification and will be in uniform.

Lexington police and Blue Grass Airport public safety are switching to the new radio system this fall. The Lexington Fire Department will join the radio system a year later.