Lexington police issue warning about debit, credit card scams

Lexington police are warning residents about two scams involving debit and credit cards.

Investigators have received information from financial institutions that customers' debit card numbers are being stolen and compromised by fraud.

In the first scam, the victim is contacted by telephone, through an automated system posing as the debit card company's fraud monitoring department. The automated phone message tells victims their debit cards have been compromised, and then instructs victims to enter their debit card numbers, effectively stealing them. The call originates from 559-5, according to victim's caller-identification systems.

In the second scam, victims are also contacted by telephone. The automated message tells the victim, "Your debit card has been suspended. Press 1 to speak with a representative."

In a news release, police said customers should never give personal or account information to anyone who contacts them by telephone or email asking for information. Most financial institutions have a live operator to speak to customers. If customers receive such a phone call, they should hang up and contact their financial institutions or debit or credit card issuers directly, the news release said.