Four juveniles are arrested after stolen vehicle hits police cruiser

Four teenagers were arrested Saturday afternoon after the stolen vehicle in which they were riding hit a police cruiser, police said.

The situation began when the owner of the vehicle, a Chrysler Pacifica, spotted it on Wilson Downing Road and began to follow it, Lexington police Lt. Chris Young said.

The owner called police, who caught up with the four teens near River Park Drive and Armstrong Mill Road.

The 15-year-old driver of the stolen vehicle refused to stop and collided with a police cruiser going in the opposite direction at Thames Drive, said police Sgt. Scott Perrine. Both vehicles were severely damaged.

One of the teens was arrested near the scene, but the other three fled.

A police helicopter assisted with capturing the youths by tracking them and directing officers to their locations.

One of the juveniles shed his pants and a sweatshirt while trying to hide from police.

Perrine said one of the teens had a gun. "It was a very, very intense scene," he said.

The officer who was driving the cruiser was taken to the hospital after sustaining bruising and burns on his arms from the cruiser's airbag, Perrine said.

The driver of the Pacifica was also taken to the hospital to be checked out after he complained of minor injuries, Young said.

Perrine said all the teens will be charged with receiving stolen property and fleeing.

The driver also will be charged with second-degree assault because of the officer's injury; wanton endangerment because he nearly hit a pedestrian walking a dog; and leaving the scene of an accident because he hit a stop sign, Perrine said.