Clay County man beats kitten to death, sheriff says

A Clay County man allegedly beat a kitten to death with a baseball bat while under the influence of drugs.

Brandon L. Garrison, 23, is charged with cruelty to animals; controlled-substance public intoxication; menacing; two counts of terroristic threatening; resisting arrest; and escape, according to the Clay County Detention Center.

Clay County Sheriff Kevin Johnson said Garrison's mother locked him out of the house Thursday night after he came home impaired.

When his mother called police, she reported he was outside killing kittens.

"I guess it was one of those cases of, 'I'll show you,'" Johnson said.

Deputy Ryan Lanigan said that when he responded to investigate, Garrison ran off.

Lanigan said he went back about an hour later and parked some distance from the house to keep Garrison from seeing him coming down the driveway. He found Garrison sitting on the back deck listening to music.

"He told me that he killed the cats and enjoyed it. He said he pictured them to be humans," Lanigan said.

Garrison said he had killed three or four kittens, but Lanigan said he saw only one dead animal.

Lanigan said Garrison resisted and tried to run away during the walk to Lanigan's police cruiser.

On the way to jail, Garrison made a statement about killing his family, said he couldn't wait to kill a police officer, and threatened to go into a church and "off" a bunch of people, Lanigan said.

He also said he had snorted enough meth to kill Hitler, Lanigan said.