Caretaker accused of pouring patient's medication down the drain

State Attorney General Jack Conway on Friday announced the arrest of a caretaker who allegedly poured breathing treatment medication down the sink drain rather than give it to a patient.

Danielle West, 24, of Science Hill was arrested at her home Friday morning by investigators from Conway's office and charged with wanton neglect of an adult, a news release said.

West worked as a caretaker for Independent Opportunities, which oversees small group homes where people needing individualized medical attention live. West is accused of pouring breathing treatment medication, which was intended for a patient suffering from COPD, down a sink rather than administering it to the patient, the release said.

Another Independent Opportunities employee noticed West's actions and notified company officials who conducted an internal investigation and contacted law enforcement.

West was taken to Pulaski County Detention Center pending her arraignment, the release said.

Wanton neglect of an adult is a class D felony, which is punishable by up to one to five years in prison.