Ex-Pike County pharmacy worker convicted in pain-pill conspiracy

A former Pike County pharmacy worker has been convicted of conspiring to illegally distribute pain pills, according to U.S. Attorney Kerry B. Harvey's office. The woman, Beverly Lockhart, was the office manager at a drug store owned by her brother, pharmacist James Ronald Huffman, according to court records.

The two were charged with being part of a scheme in which Linda J. Roos, a doctor in Houston, admitted writing prescriptions for more than 125,000 pills to people from Eastern Kentucky between September 2006 and July 2011, who in turn sold the pills.

Members of the drug ring allegedly had a special relationship with Huffman's Marrowbone Hometown Pharmacy.

Roos acknowledged sending orders for prescription refills to the pharmacy for Kentucky residents without actually examining the people, for instance. Huffman was found dead soon after he was indicted. Roos and several people from Pike County pleaded guilty, but Lockhart went to trial on the charges. She still faces charges of distributing pills and of conspiring to sell prescription-drug samples.