Boyle coroner has not confirmed identity of man killed in fiery truck crash

The Boyle County coroner says he hasn't yet confirmed the identity of a man who was killed in a truck wreck early Tuesday morning.

The man's body was found inside a Ford Ranger pickup that caught fire after crashing on Hubble Road in eastern Boyle County.

Coroner Donald Hamner said Wednesday morning that he thinks he knows the victim's name, but he has not yet confirmed it. He said it's "unlikely" that he'll be able to release the name later Wednesday.

The wreck occurred about 2 a.m. Tuesday, roughly a mile off Ky. 52.

The pickup apparently ran off Hubble Road, struck a tree and burst into flames.

The body was discovered inside the truck after firefighters put out the fire.

The man appears to be middle-age, according to the coroner.