Lexington issues warning: Don't pay for leaf collection; you'll be scammed

Lexington residents were warned Tuesday to beware of scammers who go into neighborhoods ahead of city leaf-collection crews and try to trick homeowners or renters into paying them for leaf pickup.

Government leaf-collection crews have encountered several reports of someone — possibly more than one person — going door to door with the scam, said Rob Allen, deputy director of the city Division of Streets and Roads.

The reports have surfaced recently in Urban County Council Districts 9 and 10, which extend from New Circle Road to the Fayette County line on the southwestern corner of Lexington.

Allen said there is no charge for city leaf collection. Residents should never pay anyone making such a pitch, Allen said Tuesday.

"This person is not working for the city, and (city) leaf-collection personnel do not ask for money," Allen said in a statement. "City leaf-collection crews are either from the Division of Streets and Roads or the city's contractor, Republic Services."

Police encouraged residents to report when they've been a victim of the scam.

Other leaf-related problems also have been reported in Districts 9 and 10, Allen said.

"In some instances, leaves have been put out in areas that have already been serviced by the city," he said. "In other cases, leaves have been put in the street, instead of in the easements. Leaves raked into the streets can clog storm sewers and cause accidents when they get wet."

Lexington residents can verify the location and schedules for city leaf collection by going to