Mother accused of tying 3-year-old girl to bed is sentenced to five years in prison

LAWRENCEBURG — A mother accused of tying up a 3-year-old girl for hours at a time was sentenced Tuesday to five years in prison.

Rebecca Medley, 32, pleaded guilty in September to complicity to first-degree criminal abuse. She was sentenced by Anderson Circuit Judge Charles Hickman.

The girl's grandmother, Carolyn Case, 66, was sentenced last year to five years in prison after pleading guilty to an amended charge of second-degree criminal abuse. As part of Case's plea deal, she was to testify against Medley and the girl's stepfather, Herbert C. Medley, 55.

Case and the Medleys were arrested in August 2012 after Kentucky State Police investigated an abuse complaint by a child protective services caseworker.

Troopers interviewed Case, who acknowledged that she tied the girl to the bed, and she showed them the bed inside her home.

Case said she began tying the girl to the bed with a green curtain sash "at night because she was getting out of bed and getting into things," according to a report contained in the court files.

Case also told police that the girl "attempted to leave the house while everyone was asleep."

Case told police she had seen Rebecca Medley tie the girl to the bed.

Sometimes the girl would be tied up from 8 p.m. until 6 a.m. the next day.

State police took the curtain sash as evidence and took photographs of the bed and the rest of the house. The report said the sash was laced through the arm holes of the girl's shirt and behind her back.

Judge Hickman overruled Herbert Medley's motion to move his trial to another venue because of pretrial publicity. The judge ruled that just because some people were aware of the charges and had discussed them did not mean the county's entire jury pool had formed an opinion against Medley.