Heroin deal ends in shoot-out at Wal-Mart lot off Richmond Road


Lexington police are looking for a second car involved in an early-morning shoot-out during a heroin deal at a Wal-Mart parking lot off Richmond Road.

To combat drug deals in parking lots, Lexington police have conducted undercover operations, Police Chief Mark Barnard said Wednesday during an appearance on WVLK 590. There is an increased demand for heroin following laws and regulations adopted to curtail prescription drug availability, Barnard said.

“We’re a large metropolitan, urban area where people are meeting and buying narcotics and we have seen it ... has increased,” Barnard said. “We have worked in parking lots, and we have undercover details in parking lots. ... This is another incident where a group comes into purchase heroin and the seller has guns and the purchasers have guns. So, if a ripoff goes (on), they exchange fire. So, that’s exactly what we are looking at last night.”

Barnard said police are investigating and will “look at the person selling narcotics as much as the people purchasing narcotics.”

At about 1:15 a.m., officers in the Richmond Road area heard gunshots, department spokeswoman Brenna Angel said. Officers then saw a red car leave the Wal-Mart parking lot at high speed and jump the curb.

Officers followed the car on Richmond Road and later stopped it at Man o’ War Boulevard and Richmond Road, police said.

. Officers saw bullet holes on the car’s rear. The two people in the car, who were detained, told police they were in the parking lot for a heroin deal when a man began assaulting them, Angel said.

The occupants told police they began to drive away when shots were fired, Angel said. Their names have not been released. One was arrested for a parole violation.

McKenna Horsley: 859-231-3197, @mckennahorsley