‘Let’s kill us a cop’: Kentucky men arrested in North Carolina for threatening officers

Three men — two of them Kentucky residents — have been arrested after they allegedly ran at the Bryson City, N. C., Police Department yelling threats.

Media outlets report John Ward, 49, and his two nephews, Samuel Ward, 23, and Houston Ward, 22, were arrested early Sunday morning.

WFMY-TV in Greensboro, N.C. reported that John Ward is a lieutenant colonel in the Kentucky Air National Guard and a Louisville resident. WFMY-TV also reported that one of his nephews, Houston Ward, also is a Louisville resident. The other nephew lives in Georgia.

Bryson City police officer Josh Freeman said the men were outside a bar when they saw a police car drive by. As the officer drove past the men, Freeman said, two off-duty officers standing outside the police department across the street heard the men yell obscenities and say, “Let’s kill us a cop.”

The men then ran toward the police department headquarters building, he said.

The two off-duty officers subdued the men at gunpoint and called for backup. Police didn’t find weapons.

It was unclear whether the men have attorneys. WFMY-TV reported that all three were released on $500 bond.

On Wednesday, the Kentucky National Guard responded to the arrest of John Ward, who is a C-130 Hercules pilot assigned to the Kentucky Air National Guard’s 123rd Airlift Wing in Louisville.

“This matter is still being adjudicated, so it is not appropriate to comment on it at this time,” said Col. David J. Mounkes, commander of the 123rd Airlift Wing. “I will say, however, that Lt. Col. Ward has served honorably with our wing for nearly 12 years. We hold all our members to the highest standards of integrity and personal accountability.”