Yellow jackets attack impaired driver, Laurel County sheriff says

A yellow jacket.
A yellow jacket. Lexington

An allegedly impaired driver ran off the road, hit a nest of yellow jackets and was stung repeatedly, Laurel County Sheriff John Root said in a news release.

The report that came to police was about a man who was out of control, running down the road and throwing his arms in the air while screaming, said Deputy Gilbert Acciardo, spokesman for Root’s office.

When officers arrived, they found Noah Elkins, 36, in the yard of a house on Patton Spur Road spraying himself and his girlfriend with water from a hose.

The deputies found out that Elkins had run off the road in his Chevrolet Tracker and hit a utility pole, stirring up yellow jackets that had built a nest in the ground by the pole.

The yellow jackets chased Elkins and his girlfriend, 35-year-old Priscilla Simpson, through the neighborhood 6 miles north of London.

“There must have been a bunch of them,” Acciardo said.

Simpson told police she and Elkins had taken several drugs before the crash, according to Root.

Elkins and Simpson were taken to Saint Joseph London Hospital for treatment of stings and injuries from the wreck.

Police charged Elkins, of Laurel County, with impaired driving and other traffic violations. Simpson, of Dry Ridge, was charged with public drug intoxication.