Top and bottom 10 elementary, middle and high schools on state test, assessment results

The state’s top-performing public elementary and high schools earned overall scores in the 90s while the best marks for middle schools were in the high 80s, according to new assessments released Thursday.

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The state’s worst-performing elementary schools posted overall scores as low as 37.2. Bottom tier middle schools earned marks in the 40s, and the poorest performers among high schools had scores in the high 50s.

In the statewide assessment system, schools earned points on a scale of 0 to 100 for their students’ performances on subject tests. Also factored into schools’ overall scores were various other pieces of academic data, including achievement gaps, graduation rates, growth and more.

Several schools posted significant improvements or declines in their scores. The biggest double-digit moves occurred among elementary and middle schools. High schools saw smaller gains and losses.

Some schools, such as Cordia in Knott County or Black Mountain in Harlan County, have elementary, middle and/or high school grades in the same building and show up in more than one category of biggest gainers.

Source: Kentucky Department of Education
Source: Kentucky Department of Education
Source: Kentucky Department of Education
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