KSU faculty senate plans vote of no confidence in board chairwoman

The Kentucky State University Faculty Senate voted overwhelmingly Monday evening to hold a vote of no confidence in Board of Regents chairwoman Karen Bearden.

The senate ran out of time before the actual vote could be held, but Kimberly Sipes, the chairwoman of the senate, said the 42-28 vote to do so — required under the senate’s bylaws — was just as important.

“This is as much a statement as the vote itself would be,” she said Monday night. “I think this is because people are really concerned about the things that are happening under her watch and they’d like to see a change in leadership.”

Mainly, Sipes said, problems have arisen over a recent presidential search, which included two candidates with major blemishes on their records, and a third with just two years experience in higher education. Interim president Aaron Thompson was not included in the slate. Bearden has announced publicly that she was not involved in the search but has refused to speak to the media.

Campus interviews with the three candidates start Tuesday.