4-7 girls fight at Scott County High School. Staff, officer injured.

Scott County High School
Scott County High School WKYT

At least two school personnel and one officer were assaulted and received minor injuries Thursday during a fight at Scott County High School, according to school district and police officials.

Superintendent Kevin Hub said that a teacher and an administrator were injured trying to break up the fight. The fight involved four to six female students. The students were disciplined in accordance with the district’s code of conduct, Hub said.

A Thursday post on the Georgetown Police Department’s Facebook page had slightly different details, describing multiple physical altercations between seven and ten students.

“This morning at approximately 8:40 a.m, a physical altercation took place at the Scott County High School,” police officials said in a post. “The Georgetown Police Department had two officers at the high school this morning and one of those officers was within 10 feet of this incident as it began to develop. The officer recognized what was taking place and attempted to intervene before the situation escalated. Unfortunately, other individuals ignored the officers attempt and became involved in the incident and multiple physical alterations broke out between 7 – 10 students. “

“Scott County School staff arrived within a matter of seconds and also attempted to separate the students,” the post said. “At least two school personnel and one officer was assaulted and received minor injuries during the altercations. While the investigation is still proceeding, we do anticipate criminal charges related to assault.”

Later Thursday, Georgetown Police Chief Mike Bosse revised the number of students involved in the fight, saying there were between four and seven. Some of those at the scene were apparently trying to break up the altercation.

Police said the fights did not stem from “a racial issue, it was not a gang issue, no weapons were involved and at this time, we are not aware of any serious injuries.”

Police said — and Hub confirmed — that school administrators had already attempted mediation to resolve strained relations between the students.

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Anyone with information about the fights is encouraged to contact the Georgetown Police Department at 502-863-7820.