Election for Fayette County PTA president was invalid; no candidate got a majority of votes

The recent election for president of the Fayette County PTA was invalid, according to Kentucky PTA president Cherie Dimar.

Adrienne Thakur was the leading vote-getter for the post this month, but she didn't receive a majority of the vote, as required in bylaws, Dimar said. The position represents the state PTA's 16th District, which is Fayette County.

The PTA has nearly 9,000 members in Fayette County Public Schools.

The 16th District PTA president is a significant role in that the person can be a representative on important panels such as the redistricting committee.

James Brown took office May 8 for a two-year term as 16th District PTA president.

In April, he was appointed to the Urban County Council by Mayor Jim Gray to fill the unexpired term of Chris Ford, who resigned to become the city's social service commissioner.

Brown resigned from the PTA position Oct. 8, citing his council commitments, a school district news release said.

The 16th District PTA board voted Oct. 15, and Fayette County school officials announced that Thakur won.

But 16th District officials contacted Kentucky PTA, which determined that no candidate, including Thakur, had received a majority of votes, Dimar said.

She said PTA district officials often have questions about elections.

"The 16th District is one of our outstanding districts in Kentucky" and "wanted to do things correctly," she said.

Another vote will be taken Nov. 4, with Thakur and David Kidd as the candidates. A third candidate has dropped out since the earlier vote.