UK revises its count of foreign undergraduates

The University of Kentucky has seen an up-tick in international students this year but not as steep of an increase this fall as the university initially reported.

UK has 212 international undergraduates enrolled, up from 185 in the 2007-2008 academic year, according to corrected figures supplied through UK institutional research department.

That represents a 14.6 percent increase, which is still above the national rate of increase in international students on U.S. campuses. But UK's total of 212 international undergraduates falls short of other key universities of similar size, including the University of Louisville.

The university, last week, incorrectly released 387 as the number of 2008 international undergraduate population. That figure, which was incorrectly stated in the university's Office of International Affairs' 2008 annual report, actually represents the number of international undergraduate applicants.