Tates Creek student charged for knife

An 18-year-old Tates Creek High School student will face felony charges for bringing a knife onto school property Tuesday.

The student, identified through court records as Trevor Young, was discovered to have a pocket knife with him at school Tuesday morning.

When questioned, he also admitted to having a butterfly knife in his car, according to district officials. A butterfly knife, which has a two-part handle that can be rotated to conceal the blade, is classified by the schools as a weapon. Therefore, Young was arrested and charged with possession of a weapon on school property, a felony offense. Court records indicate he was also charged with public intoxication.

The student did not threaten anyone, and there is no reason to believe students were ever in danger, the district said in a press release. The district will enforce administrative consequences in addition to the legal charges.

Letters were sent to the families of all Tates Creek students Tuesday afternoon informing them of the incident.