Ky. students improve on A.P. tests, but they trail the national average

Kentucky is tied for 31st in the percentage of students who passed at least one advance-placement exam in high school last year, according to the College Board's annual report.

Ten percent of public high school students in Kentucky and Indiana scored at least a 3 on an A.P. exam in 2008, which was below the national average of 15.2 percent. But that's steady improvement for Kentucky since 2003, when 7 percent of students passed at least one A.P. exam.

Overall, Maryland had the highest A.P. success rate at 23.4 percent.

Nearly 20 percent of Kentucky students attempted an A.P. exam last year, and 25 percent of students nationwide took at least one of the tests. Social sciences and English remained the most popular A.P. subjects.

Kentucky students had the most success with the statistics exam, in which 62 percent of the students who attempted it scored at least a 3. The U.S. history A.P. exam was the most popular, with 3,756 students taking it, but just 39 percent scored at least a 3.