Fayette schools open Wednesday

Lexington's streets will be especially busy Wednesday morning.

The Fayette County Public Schools reopen for the 2010-2011 school year Wednesday, which means school buses and other vehicles carrying children will be navigating the streets, and hundreds of kids will be either walking to classes or waiting at school bus stops.

School officials urge motorists to be especially careful and allow a little extra time to reach destinations.

Meanwhile, here are some tips and phone numbers to help parents through the last-minute confusion that always strikes on the first day of school:

If you have questions about your child's school bus stop in Fayette, go to, then click on "bus route finder." You can plug in your home address and then see your child's bus stop, bus number and pickup times. Or you can call (859) 381-3855.

For questions about enrollment, call (859) 381-4130.

For out-of-area questions (that is, your child is attending a school outside his or her assigned attendance area), call (859) 381-4122.

For Early Start information, call (859) 381-4105.

Fayette Schools' main phone number is (859) 381-4100.