Ky. ACT composite flat from '09 to '10

The composite ACT score for 2010 Kentucky high school graduates is unchanged from the composite score recorded by 2009 graduates, and the state's students continued to perform well below the national average.

The results being released Wednesday are from tests that all graduating Kentucky high school seniors took last spring.

According to the report, the composite ACT score for 2010 Kentucky seniors was 19.4, the same as in 2009. The national composite score for 2010 was 21.0.

The figures show that overall, 55 percent of all Kentucky seniors taking the test this year achieved college-readiness benchmarks in English, while 52 percent of seniors in the state's public high schools reached that level. In math, 28 percent of all Kentucky seniors got college-ready scores, compared with 25 percent for those in public schools. Some 40 percent overall achieved college-ready scores in reading and 21 percent in science. The figures were 37 percent and 19 percent respectively for seniors in public schools.

Education officials say graduates who achieve benchmark scores have a 50 percent chance of getting a B or higher, or a 75 percent of getting a C or higher, in corresponding college credit courses.

Wednesday's report indicates, however, large percentages of Kentucky seniors still aren't ready to do college work in those subject areas.