Education commissioner wants Kentucky to drop 'adequate yearly progress' testing requirement

State Education Commissioner Terry Holliday wants a federal waiver to let Kentucky drop "adequate yearly progress" requirements of the federal No Child Left Behind Act starting in the 2011-12 school year.

The AYP requirements would be replaced by provisions of a new statewide assessment and accountability system that Kentucky is developing, Holliday said.

He said Monday that Kentucky could be the first state to ask Washington for such a waiver, adding that other states probably would follow. He predicted the Obama administration would be open to the idea.

According to a timetable that Holliday outlined, Kentucky would submit a proposal to Washington in January 2012 asking to replace AYP in spring 2012 with the state's new accountability system. The Kentucky school board is to discuss drafts of that new system Tuesday.

Holliday says adequate yearly progress is a "wrong" measure because schools miss AYP if they fail to reach even one AYP goal. About 44 percent of Kentucky public schools missed AYP in 2009-10.