Fayette school board to hold three planning meetings at schools

The Fayette County Board of Education will hold three of its planning meetings at schools around Lexington during the 2011-12 school year.

Board members approved the step Monday night as a way to encourage more people to attend and participate in board meetings.

The planning meetings will be Oct. 10 at Wellington Elementary School, the new school now being built on Keithshire Way; Dec. 5 at Lafayette High School; and March 12, 2012, at Crawford Middle School.

New board member Douglas Barnett, who suggested the idea, said he thinks that moving the planning sessions into schools will bring the board's activities closer to parents and students and foster greater public interest and participation.

More such sessions might be held if the first three are a success, Superintendent Stu Silberman said.

The board takes no official actions at its monthly planning meetings. Members hear reports and discuss items to be considered at their action meetings.