State test scores to be released Tuesday

Results from the 2011 Kentucky Core Content Test, which public school students across the state took in the spring, will be released Tuesday.

The results will be notable in a number of ways. They will be the last from the old core content test, which will be replaced next year with the Kentucky Performance Rating for Educational Progress test, or K-Prep. The new test was mandated under 2009 state legislation that also provided for tougher common core content standards that Kentucky students are being asked to meet this school year.

It also might be the last time the results include measures and consequences under the federal No Child Life Behind Act, at least for a while. The Obama administration says it will give states the option of opting out of No Child Left Behind while Congress looks for ways to change the widely unpopular program.

Kentucky Education Commissioner Terry Holliday, a frequent No Child Left Behind critic, attended a news conference with President Barack Obama on Friday and said afterward that the state would seek to opt out of some parts of the federal program.