EKU suspends three fraternities' chapters amid hazing allegations

Eastern Kentucky University has imposed suspensions on the Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Delta Theta and Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity chapters at its Richmond campus, citing hazing allegations.

Officials said EKU's University Hazing Committee conducted interviews, including talking with members of the three chapters, before concluding that hazing had occurred. Suspensions were then imposed, Eastern said.

Allegations dating back to last fall were involved, according to records provided by EKU.

According to the documents, new Pi Kappa Alpha members were put through "hazing week," during which they were kept busy with almost constant activities and suffered consequences if they failed to follow directives. Some were told that they might be left in a remote location to find their own way back home.

According to the records, new Phi Delta Theta members were sent on a scavenger hunt involving tasks like "shot gunning" a beer, obtaining a bra from a sorority member or catching a fish bare-handed, with extra points awarded if they ate the fish.

New Lambda Chi Alpha members were required to complete various tasks while undergoing questioning about fraternity history. Those who couldn't answer were yelled at or screamed at, reports said.

According to EKU, Pi Kappa Alpha will be suspended until January 2014, while Phi Delta Theta will be suspended until August 2013.

Lambda Chi Alpha originally was to have been suspended until Aug. 20, 2012, but under the fraternity's own rules, a suspension would have carried an automatic three-year organizational shutdown from the fraternity's international board. As a result, EKU waived a formal suspension and placed the fraternity on a reduced activity schedule until Aug. 20.

"The university has a very rigorous and thorough policy on hazing that pertains to both Greek and student organizations," EKU spokesman Marc Whitt said. "That policy has been in effect for several years."

While under suspension, the fraternities can't hold meetings or stage events on EKU's campus, although chapter members can continue to live in dormitories designated for fraternity use.