Successful debut for Fayette County schools' automated phone-call system

Fayette County's public schools used its new automated emergency phone system for the first time Friday, and officials said it worked well.

Officials activated the computerized system about 5:30 a.m. to let families know that schools would be opening an hour later than normal on Friday because of icy weather.

The system automatically telephoned about 110,000 Fayette County homes in about 25 minutes, district spokeswoman Lisa Deffendall said.

There were a few glitches.

The school district programmed the system using phone numbers that parents had listed when they enrolled their children in school, but it turned out that some numbers were wrong, Deffendall said.

Also, some families that had opted out of the service got calls anyway, because they hadn't been removed from the system yet.

The problems are being fixed, officials said.

"To have such a small number of issues in 110,000 calls, it really went well the first time out," Deffendall said.