Fayette student disciplined for accessing Web site on school violence

Fayette County Public Schools officials said Thursday that they have disciplined a Lafayette High School student who accessed a Web site this week that contained images of school violence.

The school system sent a letter home to Lafayette parents Thursday afternoon explaining the situation, and stating that additional law enforcement officers will be on the school campus "to provide an added measure of reassurance."

"In a situation like this we know that our families want as much information as possible," Fayette Schools spokeswoman Lisa Deffendall said. "We decided to send the letter to ensure that everyone received as much information as we could share, and that the message would be consistent."

The letter, signed by Lafayette Principal Vicki Ritchie, stresses that officials have "no reason to believe that our students are in any danger."

"We take any and all reports of potential violence seriously and will take all steps necessary to keep Lafaeytte High School a safe place to learn and work," Ritchie wrote.

Fayette Schools officials said the student, who was not named, used a school computer during school hours earlier this week to access the "inappropriate" Web site. According to Thursday's letter, other students at the school alerted officials about the incident.

The name of the Web site was not released.

The Fayette school district said it is continuing to investigate the incident.

"In the meantime we have taken appropriate disciplinary action, and steps to ensure the safety of our students," Ritchie said in her letter.

Ritchie commended students "who brought the situation to our attention, and we encourage any other students who have concerns to speak with an adult they trust."