State investigating Scott school district

GEORGETOWN — State officials are investigating a central Kentucky school district.

Scott County schools' board chairwoman Phyllis Young told the Georgetown News-Graphic that an investigator from the Office for Education Accountability visited the district last week and questioned administrators, board members and site-based decision-making councils. She said school officials were questioned about a 15 percent pay raise for Superintendent Patricia Putty, a school board trip last year to Northern Kentucky University and hiring at middle schools.

"She asked me about our meeting regarding Ms. Putty's raise," Young said. "She did ask me how did we come up with the (amount of the) raise."

She declined to be more specific.

Investigator Karen Timmel-Hatzell confirmed that she visited the district, but she declined to answer questions about the investigation.

The board approved a measure in June that increased Putty's annual salary by almost $20,000 to $147,000 while approving no comprehensive pay raises for faculty and staff.

Conway and board member Haley Conway said they were also asked about a trip the panel took last year to Northern Kentucky University. Conway said questions seemed focused on whether the trip constituted a special board meeting since a quorum attended. She said no public notice of the trip was given.

"They asked me other things," Conway said, but she declined to elaborate.

Royal Spring Middle School site-based council member Jo Anna Fryman said she also was questioned.

"They were investigating whether proper procedures were followed in hiring by the site-based council," Fryman said. "We followed every rule."

Fryman didn't give details but said she answered several questions.

"(The investigators) indicated to me they were there for multiple things at Royal Spring," Fryman said.

Fryman is running against Young in the upcoming school board race on Nov. 6.