View the top, bottom 10 elementary, middle and high schools along with biggest gains, drops

Top 10 elementary schools

Jefferson County: Greathouse Shryock Traditional 83.1

Floyd County: May Valley Elementary 82.3

Anchorage Independent: Anchorage Independent Public 80.8

Fayette County: SCAPA at Bluegrass 79.2

Fort Thomas Independent: Johnson Elementary 79.1

Jefferson County: Stopher Elementary 78.3

Murray Independent: Murray Elementary 78.2

Fayette County: Veterans Park Elementary 77.1

Clark County: Pilot View Elementary 76.9

Beechwood Independent: Beechwood Elementary 76.9

Bottom 10 elementary schools

Pike County: Blackberry Elementary 24

Newport Independent: Newport Intermediate 33.4

Jefferson County: Mill Creek Elementary 35

Silver Grove Independent: Silver Grove 35

Jefferson County: Foster Traditional Academy 35.2

Covington Independent: Ninth District Elementary 35.5

Jefferson County: King Elementary 35.8

Jefferson County: Jacob Elementary 36.4

Fayette County: William Wells Brown Elementary 38.9

Jefferson County: Roosevelt Perry Elementary 38.9

Top 10 middle schools

Fayette County: SCAPA at Bluegrass 82.8

Anchorage Independent: Anchorage Independent Public 79.1

Hart County: Cub Run Elementary 76

Marshall County: Benton Middle 75.5

Corbin Independent: Corbin Middle 73.5

Murray Independent: Murray Middle 71.6

Harlan County: Rosspoint Elementary 71.1

Edmonson County: Edmonson County Middle 71.1

Fayette County: Beaumont Middle 70.5

Jefferson County: Barret Traditional Middle 70.4

Bottom 10 middle schools

Jefferson County: Frost Middle 27.9

Breathitt County: Rousseau Elementary 29.7

Jefferson County: Myers Middle 32.3

Jefferson County: Frederick Law Olmsted Acad. N. 33.8

Jefferson County: Knight Middle 33.9

Caverna Independent: Caverna Middle 35.3

Bell County: Lone Jack Center 35.3

Jefferson County: Stuart Middle 36.3

Jefferson County: Thomas Jefferson Middle 37.3

Knox County: Lynn Camps 37.9

Top 10 high schools

Jefferson County: Dupont Manual High 86.8

Beechwood Independent: Beechwood High 83.1

Jefferson County: Brown 82.6

Fort Thomas Independent: Highlands High 79.5

Walton-Verona Independent: Walton-Verona High 78.9

Jefferson County: Louisville Male High 78.9

Jackson Independent: Jackson City 77.2

Oldham County: South Oldham High 76.7

Oldham County: North Oldham High 73.8

Murray Independent: Murray High 73.2

Bottom 10 high schools

Jefferson County: The Academy @ Shawnee 32.7

Jefferson County: Valley High 39.1

Jefferson County: Iroquois High 40.5

Jefferson County: Doss High 42.8

Covington Independent: Holmes High 43.5

Knott County: Cordia School 47.2

Jefferson County: Waggener High 47.3

Monticello Independent: Monticello High 47.8

Jefferson County: Western High 48

Jefferson County: Southern High 48.7

10 biggest gains

Floyd County: John M. Stumbo Elementary 29.6

Clay County: Big Creek Elementary 24.1

Cloverport Independent: William H. Natcher Elementary 23.7

Rockcastle County: Brodhead Elementary 21.4

Lee County: Southside Elementary 21.4

Clay County: Paces Creek Elementary 20.7

Southgate Independent: Southgate Public 20.4

Pike County: Elkhorn City Elementary 20.2

Boyd County: Catlettsburg Elementary 19.5

Clay County: Goose Rock Elementary 18.9

10 biggest drops

Pike County: Blackberry Elementary -25.4

Breathitt County: Rousseau Elementary -22.2

Knott County: Jones Fork elementary grades -20.5

Knott County: Jones Fork middle school grades -18.4

Caverna Independent: Caverna Middle -16.8

Logan County: Adairville Elementary -16.5

West Point Independent West Point Elementary -13.9

Perry County: Robert W. Combs Elementary -13.8

Wolfe County: Red River Valley Elementary -13.7

Caverna Independent: Caverna Elementary -12.8

Top 10 districts

Anchorage Independent 80

Beechwood Independent 76.4

Fort Thomas Independent 74.3

Murray Independent 72

Marshall County 68.3

Jackson Independent 68

Science Hill Independent 67.7

Corbin Independent 67.2

Walton-Verona Ind. 67.1

Pikeville Independent 67

Bottom 10 districts

Newport Independent 41.6

Silver Grove Independent 43

Caverna Independent 43.1

Covington Independent 44.3

Russellville Independent 46.2

Monticello Independent 47.5

Robertson County 47.5

Elliott County 48.7

Fulton Independent 48.7

Frankfort Independent 48.8

Source: Kentucky Department of Education

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