Transy alumnus gives $2 million for renovation of academic building

Transylvania University has received a $2 million gift to renovate one of its main academic buildings.

Alvin R. "Pete" Carpenter, a 1964 alumnus, and his wife, Marilyn, will help finance a renovation of the Haupt Humanities Building.

"My education at Transylvania left me with a desire for lifelong learning," said Pete Carpenter, who retired in 2001 as vice chairman of CSX Corp. "This desire for learning and curiosity has helped me in my business endeavors. Institutions like Transylvania are the basis to the success some of us have been fortunate enough to have enjoyed. It's crucial to give back to these institutions in order to help prepare and educate our next generation of leaders."

A Kentucky native from Mount Vernon and a graduate of Ludlow High School, Carpenter has been an active alumnus of Transylvania, having served on the institution's board of trustees from 1993 to 2000. He is a recipient of the university's Morrison Medallion, which is given to alumni for outstanding service to Transylvania.

The renovation of Haupt is expected to cost $4 million to $6 million. Transy officials said construction will start once the total amount is raised.

"Haupt Humanities, which all Transylvania students use, is our main academic building and an iconic symbol of our campus," Transylvania President Seamus Carey said. "A refurbished academic building will provide students and faculty the environment they need to perform at their best.

"It is our hope that this gift will inspire other alumni to match the Carpenters' generosity by contributing to this important university project."