Request documents

With a roll of dimes, a book of stamps and a dose of dedication, you too can turn the government’s filing cabinets into a treasure chest of knowledge.

The Kentucky Press Association has an excellent primer on the Kentucky Open Records Act. The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press has the low-down on the federal Freedom of Information Act.

Once you’re up to speed on the basics, all you need to do is fire off a letter. The RCFP has made this job easy for you by creating a web-based letter generator. Just choose the appropriate government – federal or state/local – and then fill in the blanks.

Happy hunting. And don’t forget to tip us off when you find something interesting.


  • Dig into databases: Track campaign contributions, lobbying expenses, court cases, business records and more.
  • Request documents: Find out how to use the Kentucky Open Records Act and the federal Freedom of Information Act to get the government documents you need.
  • Contact public officials: Let local, state and federal representatives know what’s on your mind.
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