Contact public officials

Here's how to let local, state and federal elected officials know what’s on your mind.

Fayette County's Urban County Council

Mayor Jim Newberry, 258-3100

Vice Mayor Jim Gray, 258-3202

At-Large: Linda Gorton, 258-3828

At-Large: Chuck Ellinger, 258-3212

District 1: Andrea James, 258-3216

District 2: Tom Blues, 258-3217

District 3: Diane Lawless, 258-3222

District 4: Julian Beard, 258-3223

District 5: Cheryl Blanton Feigel, 258-3213

District 6: Kevin Stinnett, 258-3225

District 7: K.C. Crosbie, 258-3214

District 8: George Myers, 258-3203

District 9: Jay McChord, 258-3215

District 10: Doug Martin, 258-3224

District 11: Peggy Henson, 258-3218

District 12: Ed Lane, 258-3221

You can also e-mail all the council members at once.

In addition, the Urban County Government’s Citizen Advocate investigates citizen’s complaints and provides callers with information and referrals. E-mail the citizen advocate or call 258-3230.

The city provides a calendar of upcoming meetings.

State and Federal officials

The Kentucky Voter Information Center tells registered voters which state and federal legislators represent them and provides links to their official Web pages, which contain contact information. For those who aren’t registered to vote, Project Vote Smart provides a way to search for elected state and federal officials by ZIP code.

Several toll-free lines allow Kentuckians to leave messages for state lawmakers and track the progress of particular legislation: legislative message line, 1-800-372-7181; bill status line, 1-866-840-2835; calendar (meetings) line, 1-800-633-9650; TTY message Line, 1-800-896-0305; en español, 1-866-840-6574.


  • Dig into databases: Track campaign contributions, lobbying expenses, court cases, business records and more.
  • Request documents: Find out how to use the Kentucky Open Records Act and the federal Freedom of Information Act to get the government documents you need.
  • Contact public officials: Let local, state and federal representatives know what’s on your mind.
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