Lotteries: July 30

July 27: Powerball: 9-23-40-53-58 6 Jackpot: $201.3 million; no winner

July 26: Mega Millions: 4-22-23-27-38 42 Jackpot: $19 million; one winner

July 29: Decades of Dollars: 5-9-20-30-36-39

July 29: Day: Pick 3: 7-0-6 Pick 4: 1-7-6-5 and 9-3-4-9*

Night: Pick 3: 3-8-8 Pick 4: 2-7-4-5

Cash Ball: 2-8-11-20 12

* Lottery players who bought Pick 4 tickets for Monday’s midday drawing have an extra chance to win, thanks to an error during the drawing. Lottery officials said a ball that was supposed to go into the draw machine’s first chamber bounced into the second chamber when loaded, leading to nine balls in the first chamber and 11 in the second. The lottery then held a second drawing and said numbers from both drawings would be honored, although payment for the second set won’t be immediately available at lottery retailers. The numbers for the first drawing were 1-7-6-5; the second drawing was 9-3-4-9.