California man heldin anthrax hoax

SAN FRANCISCO — A California man was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of sending hoax letters labeled "anthrax" to scores of media outlets, the FBI said Wednesday, warning that many of the threats might still be in the mail. Marc M. Keyser, 66, sent more than 120 envelopes containing a compact disc that had a packet of sugar labeled "Anthrax Sample" along with a biohazard symbol, the FBI said in a news release. The CD was titled Anthrax: Shock & Awe Terror. Keyser was taken into custody without incident at his home in Sacramento on three counts of sending a hoax letter, the FBI said. None of the packets has tested positive for hazardous material, the agency said. Authorities did not say what was on the CD.

Plant fined nearly $10 million

IOWA CITY, Iowa — A kosher meatpacking plant that was the site of one of the nation's largest immigration raids was fined nearly $10 million by the state Wednesday over accusations that it violated state labor laws. Investigators examined time sheets, payroll and wage stubs at Agriprocessors in Postville. The company was fined $9.99 million, including $339,700 for the illegal deduction of "sales tax/miscellaneous" costs nearly 3,400 times; $9.6 million for illegally deducting money from 2,001 employees for protective clothing more than 96,000 times; and for failing to give 42 employees their last paychecks after the raid by immigration agents, in which 389 people were arrested.


U.N.: Lift Cuban embargo

UNITED NATIONS — The U.N. General Assembly overwhelmingly approved a resolution Wednesday urging the United States to repeal its trade embargo against Cuba, and the island nation's foreign minister said he expects the next American president to respond positively. It was the 17th straight year that the General Assembly called for the embargo to be repealed "as soon as possible."

Tainted eggs covered up

BEIJING — A local Chinese government acknowledged Wednesday that officials knew about melamine-tainted eggs for a month before the contamination was publicly disclosed. A brand of chicken eggs from China's leading egg processor, Dalian Hanwei Enterprise Group, was pulled from some stores last week after Hong Kong food safety regulators found excessive levels of melamine in the company's eggs.

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