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Boyle County clerk missed $500,000 in tax bills, auditor says

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Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom failed to prepare $498,492 in tax bills in 2015, costing local school districts $250,110 in revenue, state Auditor Mike Harmon said Monday.

An audit of Bottom’s office showed that it missed nearly a half-million dollars in franchise tax bills, which meant less money for schools, Boyle County Fiscal Court ($48,422), the public library ($59,353), the city of Danville ($48,528), the health department ($17,577) and other public agencies.

Franchise taxes are paid by public service companies, including railroads and utility companies, on their operating property.

The auditor’s office recommended that Bottom prepare the 55 tax bills, if belatedly, and make certain that future tax bills are prepared and submitted to the sheriff, as the law requires. It also referred the matter to the Kentucky Department of Revenue.

Speaking Monday, Bottom said her office has hired an administrative assistant and is installing new software to process future billing more effectively. The missing 2015 franchise tax bills will be submitted to the sheriff shortly, she said.

“We had a little glitch in our preparing the bills, so they got behind and didn’t catch up. After the auditor was here and found the problem, we decided to go in a different direction with how we handle this,” Bottom said. “As you know, the county clerk has many different duties, not just taxes.”

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