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Copier by his side, Rand Paul continues quixotic hunt for Obamacare replacement bill

He is, Rand, Rand Paul of Kentucky

His destiny calls and he will go.

With all due respect to the song, “Man of La Mancha,” U.S. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky may be vying for the Don Quixote Search Award for his high-profile effort to secure a copy of the U.S. House Republicans’ replacement bill for Obamacare.

Paul, a Republican from Bowling Green, has grabbed national headlines this week in trying to track down the draft bill to replace the federal Affordable Care Act successfully pushed by former President Obama.

Republicans are arguing whether to repeal the entire act or keep some of its popular provisions like allowing children to stay on their parents’ health insurance until 26 and guaranteeing coverage for people with preexisting conditions.

Paul has suspicions that the draft contains too many elements of Obamacare.

His spokeswoman, Kelsey Cooper, said late Friday that Paul “thinks this should be an open, transparent process and there should be full repeal as promised. The leaks of parts of the plan seem to be Democrat ideas renamed and would indeed be Obamacare-Lite.”

Cooper said Paul “would oppose anything that isn’t real repeal.”

On Thursday, Paul went to the House section of the Capitol to ask for the secret draft. He was armed with his own copy machine to record it but was rebuffed by a staffer.

On Friday, Paul continued his search, Tweeting frequently about his frustration. Now, the copier even has its own Twitter handle, @randpaulcopier, at one point Tweeting: “If you’re leaving your Congressional office (you know you are, it’s 5pm on Friday) try to find the secret location on ur way out. Send tips!”

Bloomberg has reported that the draft is in a special viewing room only available to about 50 lawmakers on the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Politico.com reported some details of the draft but Paul said he still wants to see the entire draft.

In a move that may be comparable to seriously tilting at windmills while laughing, Paul is using humor in his tweets to bolster his cause.