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‘Absolutely your right.’ Bevin urges students to take their Bibles to school.

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin encouraged students in Kentucky to bring their Bibles to school on Thursday for a student-led initiative called “Bring Your Bible to School Day.”

“This is absolutely your right to do this, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise,” Bevin said in a Facebook video posted Tuesday evening

Bevin said he thinks the event should be celebrated and encouraged students to use the Bible as a point of conversation.

“You look at all the division, all the vitriol and all the animosity that’s striking us in this nation, how fragmented people are,” Bevin said. “If we followed biblical principles like treating others as you would want to be treated, loving your neighbor like yourself, simple stuff. This is the kind of thing we should celebrate.”

This isn’t the first time Bevin has used his platform to talk about religion. In September 2016, Bevin declared a statewide Day of Prayer Over Students for “See You at the Pole Day” where students gather at a flagpole in front of their school to pray.

Bevin also declared both 2017 and 2016 the year of the Bible and has encouraged walking prayer groups to help curb gun violence in West Louisville.

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