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Former Monticello city employees allege political firings

Three former city employees in Monticello filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Lexington on Thursday, saying the newly elected mayor fired them because they supported his opponent in the November election.

Tim Craig worked as a street administrator, doing general maintenance. Homer Daniels and Dustin Catron also did maintenance work for the city. They are seeking punitive damages totaling $3 million, reinstatement to their positions and compensation for humiliation, suffering and embarrassment.

The three former employees supported former Mayor Kenneth Catron for re-election and were active in his campaign. Monticello Mayor Jeffrey Edwards defeated Catron.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiffs were fired on Dec. 10 in violation of their constitutional rights. Craig said Edwards spoke with him during a Republican rally about four weeks before the election and told Craig he would have to find another job if he did not support the "right side," the lawsuit said.

Daniels said Edwards told him he should support his campaign if he wanted to save his job, the lawsuit said.

Edwards could not be reached for comment Thursday.