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Beshear will appeal court ruling on state budget

FRANKFORT — Gov. Steve Beshear's administration will appeal a Franklin Circuit Court decision that says the state can not use fees intended for charitable gaming in its General Fund.

On Tuesday, Franklin Circuit Court Judge Phillip Shepherd ruled that the Department of Charitable gaming should not have increased license fees for such games as bingo after the legislature took funds from charitable gaming in 2008 in order balance the state's books.

Lawmakers have robbed pots of money throughout state government that are generally referred to as "restricted funds" over the past several years because the state has not generated enough revenues to pay for General Fund programs.

Kerri Richardson, a spokeswoman for Beshear, said the state will appeal the decision, noting that a different Franklin Circuit Court judge in a different case ruled that it was appropriate for the state to transfer restricted funds to the General Fund. That case is currently being appealed to the state Court of Appeals.