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Chronology: Gatewood Galbraith's life

Jan. 23, 1947: Louis Gatewood Galbraith was born in Carlisle to Henry Clay Galbraith and Dorothy "Dollie" Elizabeth Gatewood Galbraith. One of seven children, he later was married twice and had three daughters.

1965: Graduated from Lafayette High School in Lexington; he then joined the Marines but was discharged after a serious asthma attack.

1976: As a third-year law student at the University of Kentucky, Galbraith incorporated the Kentucky Marijuana Feasibility Study group.

1983: Candidate for state commissioner of agriculture

1983: Sought a federal court order to stop spraying the herbicide paraquat on marijuana in Clay County

1986: Represented former Urban County Councilman Edgar Wallace, who was convicted on drug charges

1990: Willie Nelson performed at a fund-raiser for Galbraith's gubernatorial campaign.

1990: Represented Roy Lutes, a Bourbon County farmer who lost his 68-acre farm after being convicted of selling marijuana

1991: Candidate for governor; carried the Aylesford voting precinct in Lexington

1991: Spent an hour in jail for missing court on charges of failure to pay occupational taxes to the Urban County Government in 1989

1993: Filed for bankruptcy

1994: Filed a lawsuit in Franklin Circuit Court to overturn parts of the public campaign-financing law

1994: Named to a task force by Gov. Brereton Jones to study whether a drug-free strain of hemp could be a viable crop in Kentucky

1995: Arrested for trying to disrupt Lexington's Fourth of July parade

1995: Candidate for governor

1997: Represented purported CIA operative Chuck Hayes, who wanted his son killed and arranged to pay an FBI agent posing as a hit man $5,000 to do it

1999: Candidate for governor

2000: Candidate for Congress

2002: Represented Charlie Puckett, commander of the civilian paramilitary group Kentucky State Militia, who was charged with intimidating a witness and being a felon illegally owning guns, pipe bombs and almost 35,000 rounds of ammunition

2002: Candidate for Congress

2003: Candidate for attorney general

2004: Published his autobiography, The Last Free Man in America: Meets the Synthetic Subversion

2007: Candidate for governor

2011: Candidate for governor

2011: Represented Mark Perkins, owner of Perkins Family Restaurant on Richmond Road, in a suit against Lexington Mall Properties Inc. and Southland Christian Church

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