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Kentucky lawmakers get no pay raise in 2013

FRANKFORT — State lawmakers will get no pay raise when they gather Tuesday to begin Kentucky's 2013 General Assembly.

Legislators have declined in their budgets to enact a pay raise for themselves since 2010 because they have not been able to fund pay increases for state workers.

The last pay raise for state workers was 1 percent in 2010. Lawmakers that year saw their daily salaries in sessions jump from $186.73 to $188.22.

For the 2013 General Assembly, rank-and-file members will be paid $188.22 a day. Leadership members will make more: $235.57 for the Senate president and House Speaker, $225.62 for floor leaders, and $216.88 for pro tems, caucus chairs and whips. Committee chairs get paid an additional $18.71 for each meeting they lead.

Lawmakers also get paid daily expenses of $135.30 throughout the session. They also get a stationery allowance at the start of each legislative session: $250 for House members and $500 for Senate members.

When lawmakers aren't in session, the rank-and-file get paid $188.22 a day when they come to Frankfort for committee meetings. They get monthly expense payments during the interim between legislative session of $1,788.51.

The 2013 General Assembly is estimated to cost taxpayers $65,676.69 a day, said Rob Weber, a spokesman for the Legislative Research Commission.

The first four days of the 2013 session — Jan. 8-11 — will focus on organizational issues. Lawmakers then will adjourn until Feb. 5 and continue their work through March 26.

Legislators will not get paid for being in session Jan. 12 through Feb. 4, Weber said.

When they return Feb. 5, they will be paid every day — including weekends and holidays — for being in session through March 26.